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AzInTelecom LLC, established in June 2015 by the decision of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan is aiming to provide secure, reliable and adaptable data services to those who prefer quality in the digital world. AzInTelecom LLC has shaped its company's strategy around fundamental values ​​such as human values, reliability, innovation, flexibility, transparency and confidentiality. The principles mentioned in the process of creating the company's logo and corporate colors were selected as the main criteria and adapted to the company's mission and future plans. The activities of AzInTelecom LLC include international voice traffic exchanged between Azerbaijan and foreign countries, certification of telecommunications equipments imported to Azerbaijan and AZCLOUD cloud solutions.

Within the framework of the international voice traffic exchange service implemented by AzInTelecom LLC, it consists of providing alternatives and high quality of voice traffic exchange between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the world countries. The IP-based International Switching Center (IMS) established under AzInTelecom LLC to optimize traffic exchange provides routing of international outgoing calls with the highest quality channels and improvement of route selection, organization of IP-based voice channels and alternative interconnection in all domestic and international directions. is.

Implementation of certification services consists of issuing a certificate of "conformity" by the relevant competent executive authority, determining the fact that the technical parameters of telecommunications facilities and equipment meet the requirements of the interconnected telecommunications network of the republic and international standards. As a result, it provides consulting services in identifying quality equipment that meets the standards, which helps to increase healthy competition in the domestic market, protect the rights of consumers, and create the necessary conditions for the activities of enterprises and organizations.

AZCLOUD is the first cloud provider in the Azerbaijan and South Caucasus region to have Access Zones certified TIER III, ISO 20000, ISO 22301 and ISO 27001. AZCLOUD operates in three areas: AZCLOUD, AZCLOUD Corporate Solutions and AZCLOUD Government Solutions.


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  • Tagi Tagi-Zadeh
    Deputy Director, interim acting director
  • Rashad Khaligov
    Information and Communication Technology Advisor
  • Haji Hajiyev
    Corporate Governance Advisor
  • Hafiz Hajiyev
    Project Management Advisor
  • Ruslan Aliyev
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Amir Valibayov
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Altay Ismayilov
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Shahin Ashurov
    Head of International Traffic Management Department

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