About us

AzInTelecom LLC, operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan provides four primary services. AzInTelecom LLC has built its company strategy around essential characteristics such as human value, dependability, innovation, adaptability, transparency, and secrecy. The concepts discussed during the creation of the company's logo and corporate colors were chosen as the major criteria and suited to the company's mission and plans. AzInTelecom LLC's activities include the provision of AZCLOUD cloud solutions, international voice traffic transferred between Azerbaijan and other countries, business solutions, and Centralized Information Systems.

AZCLOUD Cloud Solutions - AZCLOUD is the largest availability zone in the South Caucasus region, including Azerbaijan. Awarded TIER III, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, and ISO 27001 certificates, AZCLOUD operates in three areas: AZCLOUD, AZCLOUD Corporate Solutions, and AZCLOUD Government Solutions.

Business solutions - AzInTelecom LLC offers several innovative business solutions for our country's rapid and high-quality digital transformation, the development of our digital economy. Based on IT, cloud technologies, and artificial intelligence, these solutions increase citizens' access to e-services and promote the digital development of businesses.

Centralized information systems - The purpose of creating centralized information systems of "AzInTelecom" LLC is to provide transparent and efficient services to citizens, as well as entrepreneurs. As a result of the formation of relevant information systems, the application of information technology provides innovative management, eliminates several shortcomings. At the same time, centralized information systems allow the collection of big data in certain areas.   

International voice traffic is an alternative and high-quality voice traffic exchange between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the rest of the globe provided by AzInTelecom LLC's international voice traffic exchange service. To optimize traffic exchange, AzInTelecom LLC established an IP-based International Switching Center (IMS) to provide routing of international outgoing calls with the best quality channels and improved route selection, organization of IP-based voice channels, and alternative interconnection in all domestic and international directions.


Our achievements

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  • Elkhan Azizov
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Altay Ismayilov
    Director of Finance Department
  • Ruslan Aliyev
    Director of Commercial Departament
  • Amir Valibayov
    Director of Information Technology
  • Emin Novruzov
    Director of Digital Solutions Department
  • Sadig Yolchuyev
    Director of Information Security Department
  • Renat Rustamov
    Director of Human Capital Management
  • Kamil Bektashi
    Director of Supply Chain Management
  • Esmira Samadova
    Director of Project Management Department
  • Kaul Mammadov
    Director of the Department of Law and Document Control
  • Samad Seyidov
    Director of Quality Control Department

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