Enter E-taxes.gov.az portal with SİMA Token instead of using password!
11 Sep, 2023

The ability of taxpayers to enter their electronic offices on the e-taxes.gov.az portal using the code issued by the tax authority will be limited from January 1, 2024. Taxpayers will be able to enter the virtual cabinet only by using enhanced electronic signature tools.

Considering this change, we would like to point out that SİMA Token, created by AzInTelecom LLC operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, provides convenient and secure access for taxpayers with an enhanced electronic signature.

With the help of SİMA Token, you can enter your electronic account on the e-taxes.gov.az website and use all the services. This includes electronic submission of tax returns, electronic registration of "Notice of Employment Contract", sending of electronic invoices related to goods, work and services and other electronic services.

It should be noted that, SİMA Token is included in the SİMA digital solutions platform created by AzInTelecom LLC. SİMA Token, which can be used in all areas requiring a signature, can be purchased by citizens, legal entities, entrepreneurs and government agencies. SİMA Token signature certificate is issued for 3 years on the basis of a one-time payment and no monthly payment is required. There is also an online application option in order to eliminate time loss during the purchase of a signature certificate, which is ready within 3 working days. Also, citizens can receive SİMA Token at the Central Post Office, located at 72 Uzeyir Hajibeyli Street in Baku, as well as in post offices in the regions.

In case of loss, theft, technical damage of SİMA Token signature certificate, as well as other difficulties and questions users can contact the "157" Call Center of "AzInTelecom" LLC.