Use SİMA to make unlimited transfers and payments in PulPal
17 May, 2023

SİMA cloud-based digital signature, established by AzInTelecom LLC operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, continues to expand the range of partners for payment systems.

Payment system PulPal yet became another partner of SİMA, the new-generation digital signature. As part of the partnership, citizens will use SİMA to authenticate their accounts when registering on the portal.

After registering in SİMA mobile app, users can create an account on the PulPal portal and then click on the 'Identification' function for flexible and convenient self-identification via SİMA. To do so, simply scan the QR code that appears on the screen with the SİMA mobile app to verify your identity.

Unlike other people, verified users can make all types of payments, replenish their e-wallet unlimitedly, transfer unlimited amounts to national bank cards, and conduct transactions with other payment systems.

In the future, SİMA will also enable the use of other PulPal payment system products and services.

SİMA new generation digital signature offers a number of benefits to citizens and service providers. The reduction of financial costs and the avoidance of wasted time are of particular benefit to both groups. In addition, the ability to integrate SİMA into any system and the automation allow users to sign documents quickly and in any quantity.

To obtain a free digital signature, citizens simply need to download the SİMA mobile application to their device and register once. By increasing the availability of digital services, the signature is expected to speed up business processes in our country.

For more information on the SİMA digital signature, please contact Call Centre 157.