The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population became the first fully-fledged state body to ensure the transition of information systems to the "government cloud"
22 Jun, 2022

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population has fully migrated information systems to the AZCLOUD Data Center owned by AzInTelecom LLC under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport in accordance with the Government Cloud Transition Plan. Thus, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection was the first government agency to fully ensure the transition process of information systems to the "Government Cloud".

The “Government Cloud” project was developed by AzInTelecom LLC, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, by the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated June 3, 2019. The experience of a number of leading countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Turkey, Norway, Ireland and Estonia, has been studied for the quality and effective implementation of the Government Cloud project.

The goal is to optimize management and create conditions for effective organization of coordination and improve the quality of services as a result of the integration of state information systems and resources into a common platform.

The transition process has recently been completed by the joint efforts of AzInTelecom LLC and the DOST Digital Innovation Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Currently, the entire IT infrastructure of the ministry continues to operate through the "Government Cloud".

This, in turn, allows to improve governance, significantly optimize resources, and further increase the flexibility and efficiency of e-services provided to the population. In accordance with more modern standards, a stable and sustainable IT infrastructure, operational coordination, high-quality service, further improvement of security of information systems and 24/7 monitoring service are achieved.

It should be noted that AZCLOUD in the South Caucasus region, including Azerbaijan is the first and largest accessible zone with the Tier III compliance certificate, ISO 22301 certificate on business sustainability management system, ISO 20000 certificate on IT services delivery and management and ISO 27001 certificate on information security.

Thus, AZCLOUD provides large-scale, as well as diversified cloud services to government agencies and the private sector. These services include Cloud Infrastructure, Deployment, AZCLOUD Drive, Archiving, Reservation, Microsoft products, Videoconferencing and Virtual IP Telephony.