Data Center customers will be able to use a licensed Microsoft Windows Server based virtual environment
12 Sep, 2018

The Data Center of AzInTelecom LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, provides a new service to the customers. Thus, since September 11, the Data Center customers will be able to purchase the virtual machines with the “Microsoft (MS) Windows Server” operating system on monthly rent.

The Data Center provides the operating system licenses based on the model available for cloud providers. Renting the said license will give the customers a number of prominent advantages. Thus, the customers will be able to take advantage of the virtual environment of the MS Windows Server operating system based on operational costs exempted from the capital expenditure. And the convenientchangeability of using the service allows you to easily adjust the number of licenses as needed.

Additionally, there is no need for the customers to make an extra payment to upgrade the MS Windows Server. All updates to the operating system are performed from the resources of the Data Center. Thus, by using a virtual environment, the customers will always be able to be provided by the latest version of the MS Windows Server operating system.

For more information about the service, please contact or call (+99450) 251 5555.