Certification services include reviewing the appeals on granting certificate of compliance to telecommunication equipment and devices, receiving the required documents and performing laboratory testing for compliance to the interconnected telecommunication networks of the country and granting certificate of compliance pursuant to the “Telecommunication Law” of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

Since 01.12.2017 AzInTelecom LLC passed accreditation by the Azerbaijan Accreditation Centre in accordance with AZS İSO/İEC 17065:2014 and AZS İSO/İEC 17025-2009 standards and owned accreditation attestation entitling to grant certificates to telecommunication equipment and devices. Transition to AZS ISO/IEC 17025-2020 standard is planned in 2022.

The service is performed in physical and electronic form. Individual entrepreneurs, legal entities and state authorities are users of the service. Service payment is made by the Customer pursuant to the contractual terms concluded between the certification authority and the customer. As a result of rendering this service, “AzInTelecom” LLC grants certificate of compliance to the Interconnected Telecommunication Network for the telecommunication equipment and devices which are manufactured, imported, exported and realized by the customer. Documents necessary for granting the certificate:

1. Application to be submitted by the customer in order to provide this service;

2. Agreement concluded between the Parties, which is prepared by the Provider (2 copies);

3. Copy of certain document to receive tax accounting by the Tax authorities
of the Customer (Taxpayers Identification Number);

4. Certificate of origin of communications device;

5. Type approval certificate granted by the manufacturer of the communications device ;

6. Copy of the testing report of the manufacturer;

7. Technical passport of communications device.

For electronic usage of the service please use the following link:

For further information call 012 200 0170 or 012 498 1866