SİMA İmza was integrated into the ƏMAS platform
02 Apr, 2024

"SIMA Imza" created by operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport AzInTelecom LLC continues to expand its scope of operations to accelerate Azerbaijan's digital transformation.

As a result of joint work, the new generation electronic signature “SİMA İmza” was successfully integrated into the “Labor and Employment” subsystem (ƏMAS), owned by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population. It is now possible to negotiate and conclude employment contracts between employers and employees through “SİMA İmza” on the “ƏMAS” platform.

During the process, the employer first enters employee data into "ƏMAS" and generates an electronic contract document. Then, the PIN code of the employee’s identification card is recorded, and the contract is sent to the employee through the system. After this, the employee logs into his personal account in “ƏMAS” and clicks on the “Online notifications about the employment contract awaiting approval” section. In this section, the employee can view the contract and sign it online using “SİMA İmza”. After signing, the contract is automatically sent to the employer. Finally, the contract is confirmed by the employer with an electronic signature and entered into the system, completing the process.

It should be noted that until now, employees have not had the opportunity to sign employment contracts online. The employer used to prepare an agreement, unilaterally signed it, and submitted it into the system. The employee could only physically confirm the contract with his signature after arriving at the workplace.

Currently, this functionality is only applied in a pilot mode in the institutions of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transportation, as well as the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population. In the near future, all institutions will be able to benefit from this advantage of "SİMA İmza".

With “SİMA İmza”, citizens no longer depend on service centers, and the workload and costs of service providers are reduced. Citizens of Azerbaijan, individual entrepreneurs and foreigners legally residing in Azerbaijan can use electronic services from wherever they are.

“SİMA İmza”s ability to be integrated into any system, as well as automation, gives users the ability to sign quickly and in any number. "SİMA İmza", which increases the availability of digital services, will speed up business processes in our country.

“SİMA İmza”, which can be obtained by downloading the mobile application, is completely free for citizens. You can get more detailed information about the new generation digital signature “SİMA İmza” on the website and by contacting the “157” call center.