The “Face Recognition” function of “SİMA İmza” will be used for electronic registration of individuals and legal entities
15 Mar, 2024

The State Tax Service under the Ministry of the Economy has launched the application of "SİMA İmza", a new generation digital signature based on cloud, public key and "face recognition" technologies in the process of registration of individuals and commercial legal entities.

"SİMA İmza" created by "AzInTelecom" LLC under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport is applied in the registration of individuals from October 2023. This electronic signature will be used during the electronic state registration of a legal entity.

Changes have been made to ensure the specified technical capabilities in the information system of the State Tax Service. During the online registration of the legal entity, the founder and director of the legal entity have the opportunity to enter the Internet Tax Administration portal of the State Tax Service ( through the electronic signature "SİMA İmza" along with other enhanced electronic signatures. Biometric verification (facial recognition, liveness detection test, test with face rotation) is provided in the login process.

In addition, the "Electronic state registration of limited liability company with local investments" application has been activated for users who have entered the portal with "SİMA İmza" electronic signature.

After completing the application completely, the founder(s) and the manager have the opportunity to view the application information and the charter on a special screen. Biometric identification of persons (“face recognition”, liveness test, face rotation test) is repeated when signing the application and documents (charter). If the verification is not completed successfully, the application will be restricted in accordance with existing procedures.

It is ensured that the charter, registration application and documents attached to it can be reviewed by the tax authority using the electronic signature "SIMA Imza".

It should be noted that the “Roadmap for Implementing Improvements in Relevant Areas of the World Bank Group’s Enabling Business Environment Project for 2022-2023 (currently called the Business Ready (B-Ready) Entry into Business Indicator" plans to implement measures related to the use of secure and reliable means of identification for the electronic establishment of a commercial legal entity and the implementation of electronic transactions. One of such measures is the implementation of electronic registration of commercial legal entities in a more advanced form using more innovative technical capabilities, alternative identification methods ("face recognition" methods).