Verify your identity in Portmanat using SİMA İmza in 1 minute!
14 Mar, 2024

“SİMA İmza” - new generation digital signature, created by operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport AzInTelecom LLC, continues to expand its partner circle. The next institution that digitalized its services through "SIMA Imza" was "Portmanat" electronic wallet.

Users can verify their identity through "SİMA İmza" on the website and mobile application of "Portmanat" electronic wallet. Thus, users registered on the site and in the application can enter the "Limits and opportunities" section and perform the process of increasing the limit instantly with "SİMA İmza".

It should be noted that until now, customers had to send a request for a limit increase and wait at least 1 working day. If you execute the process incorrectly, the approval time will be longer, resulting in the authentication process taking time. With "SİMA İmza", customers can confirm their identity in less than 1 minute.

With "SİMA İmza", citizens no longer depend on service centers, and the workload and costs of service providers are reduced. Citizens of Azerbaijan, individual entrepreneurs and foreigners legally residing in Azerbaijan can use electronic services from where they are.

“SİMA İmza”s ability to be integrated into any system, as well as automation, gives users the ability to sign quickly and in any number. "SİMA İmza", which increases the availability of digital services, will speed up business processes in our country.

“SİMA İmza”, which can be obtained by downloading a mobile application, is completely free for citizens. You can get more detailed information about the new generation digital signature “SİMA İmza” on the website and by contacting the “157” call center.