Login to the Electronic Court system is possible with “SİMA İmza”!
05 Dec, 2023

“SİMA İmza”, a new generation digital signature created by AzInTelecom LLC operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, continues to expand the circle of its partners among government agencies.

As a result of joint work with the Ministry of Justice, the integration of the new generation digital signature “SİMA İmza” into the Ministry’s Electronic Court system was successfully completed. Citizens can now log into their personal account on the e-mehkeme.gov.az portal using “SİMA İmza” along with other access options.

Citizens who have entered the Electronic Court System with SİMA İmza are given the opportunity to carry out all operations in the system online:

- Submit a claim

- Send an appeal and a cassation complaint

- Search for available jobs

- Getting acquainted with court documents

- Send additional documents and applications

Biometric functions are used to ensure security when signing documents after logging in using “SİMA İmza”. The biometrics functionality allows you to check whether the signer is the signer itself or not using artificial intelligence and biometrics technology. This prevents the other person's signature from being misused.

It should be noted that with the new generation digital signature “SİMA İmza”, both citizens and organizations save money and time. “SİMA İmza”s ability to be integrated into any system, as well as automation, gives users the ability to sign quickly and in any number.

To obtain an digitalsignature, citizens only need to download the “SİMA İmza” application to their mobile device and register once. "SİMA İmza", which increases the availability of digital services, will speed up business processes in our country.

You can get more detailed information about "SİMA İmza" digital signature from the www.sima.az/en official website and by contacting "157" Call Center.