Banks that digitize their services with SİMA İmza provide more flexible service to customers
17 Oct, 2023

SİMA İmza, a new generation cloud-based digital signature created by operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport AzInTelecom LLC, continues its work towards accelerating the digital transformation of financial institutions.

The list of services digitized through SİMA İmza by banks, which are considered the main leading organizations of the financial sector, is expanding. SİMA İmza is completely free for citizens, it can be obtained by registering in the mobile application in just 1 minute, without going anywhere. And to obtain a signature, just ID card is enough. This reduces the burden on citizens and banks and creates the basis for saving time and money.

Six banks, namely PASHA Bank, International Bank of Azerbaijan (ABB), Yelo Bank, TuranBank, Premium Bank, and BTB Bank, have integrated SİMA İmza into their systems to digitize their services. Consequently, these banks can offer many services more efficiently without requiring additional resources.

The integration of SİMA İmza into the banking system creates new opportunities and makes current opportunities more accessible than before. As a result of the analysis carried out in banks integrated with SİMA İmza, it was found that the lending period using a digital signature decreased by 3 times, and the level of customer loss decreased by 2 times. By digitizing their services with SİMA İmza, banks are able to increase customer satisfaction, provide more flexible services to citizens and increase their revenues.

The list of services digitized by banks using SİMA İmza is as follows:

PASHA Bank - Owners of the bank's salary cards can apply for a cash loan through a mobile application, sign the relevant documents with a new generation digital signature SİMA İmza and receive a loan remotely.

ABB - Customers can instantly change their personal data through SİMA İmza, order a new debit card or a free Tam DigiCard through the bank's mobile application ABB Mobile. There is no need to enter additional information or go to the bank when signing contracts with SİMA İmza.

YeloBank - The bank's customers can easily register in the mobile applications Yelo and Yelo business with SİMA İmza and get services and products without going to the bank.

In the near future, individual entrepreneurs will be able to open an online bank account and apply for a loan through the Yelo application with SİMA İmza. With the launch of these two services, entrepreneurs will not need to go to service centers, wait in line and sign paper documents.

TuranBank - Citizens can register with the TuranBank mobile application with SİMA İmza, make deposits without coming to the branch, and get loans remotely. The signing of documents without time and place restrictions is carried out in electronic form with SİMA İmza. Customers can sign their contract by using the mobile app at any time of the day, including non-business days.

The contract approved by the customer with SİMA İmza is considered an official document and there is no need to print and sign it manually. Citizens can view, download and share their documents electronically at any time.

Premium Bank - it is possible to sign documents with SİMA İmza when ordering plastic cards through the Bank's mobile application. This allows customers to get a card without coming to the bank and wasting time.

BTB Bank – It is possible to sign documents with SİMA İmza when purchasing consumer products of the bank.

In addition, it should be noted that Azercell subscribers can immediately get the "akart" digital card with SİMA İmza without going anywhere.

The most important advantage that SİMA İmza brings to its partners during financial transactions is the reliability of the signature. Since SİMA İmza, which is legally equivalent to hand signature, is based on self-recognition technology, it is impossible for one person to sign with SİMA İmza of another person.

In addition, it should be noted that after changes were made to the “Rules for opening, maintaining and closing bank accounts” by the Decision of the Board of the Central Bank dated July 12, 2023, regular customers are officially allowed to open bank accounts remotely with an enhanced electronic signature, including a new generation digital signature SİMA İmza.

According to the change, citizens and individual entrepreneurs can open an account online with SİMA İmza without contacting the bank and without the need to re-confirm their identity via video call.

SİMA İmza creates a number of advantages for both citizens and service providers. With the new generation digital signature, financial costs are reduced, time loss is prevented. Also, SİMA İmza's ability to be integrated into any system, as well as automation, gives users the ability to sign quickly and in any number.

To obtain a digital signature it is enough for citizens to download the SİMA İmza mobile application to the device and register once. SİMA İmza, which increases accessibility to digital services, will speed up business processes in our country.

You can get more detailed information about SİMA İmza digital signature from the official website and by contacting "157" Call Center.