"SMART Karabakh" hackathon has started!
24 Jun, 2022

    Today in the morning hours, SMART Karabakh hackathon within the framework of the TECHNOFEST Azerbaijan festival made a start.

    After registering the participants from Turkey and Azerbaijan, the visitors were greeted by the Digital Public Relation Manager of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport Vusala Said. Following, Elkhan Azizov, the Head of AzInTelecom LLC, the organizer of the hackathon, addressed the contestants.

    E.Azizov stated that all the participants in the competition today express their support for the reconstruction works in the liberated  Azerbaijani territories:

    "We believe that thanks to your powerful potential and perseverance, we will leave this competition with interesting and effective ideas that will serve bases for the prototypes of large projects to be created".

    Further, the participants were provided with preliminary information and explained rules by the Head of the Corporate Communications and Public Relations Department of AzInTelecom Safar Aslanov.

    After the competitors were instructed and provided with the necessary equipment, the Hackathon was given the start.

    Subsequent to a long struggle, the participants left for lunch break. After the lunch break, they set to work to turn the idea they started into real projects.

    Currently, the digital competition to develop smart solutions in the hackathon, where 30 teams compete, is in full swing.