“Hydro Heroes” has been launched with the help of AzInTelecom
26 Apr, 2021

The “Hydro Heroes” mobile application, developed with the help of AzInTelecom LLC under the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and High Technologies, is now available. It is a collaborative initiative of the UN Development Program and the IDEA Public Union.

The water-saving Hydro Heroes app allows Azerbaijani residents to use geolocation to send information and photographs of water leaks straight to the appropriate agency, resulting in a solution. As a result, significant time and water waste is avoided.

The “Hydro Heroes” mobile application, which is highly sensitive to issues of water ecology, water conservation, and protection of water resources of the Kura River, which are currently relevant in Azerbaijan, was created on the basis of “Azcloud“ cloud infrastructure, presented by AzInTelecom LLC, and solves an important environmental problem. It's worth noting that “Azcloud” is providing the infrastructure for this initiative for free.

“Azcloud”, Azerbaijan's first cloud service provider, is an AzInTelecom LLC access zone that offers backup, archiving, video conferencing, security, and virtual IP telephony.