"AzInTelecom" LLC under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies provides large-scale and diversified cloud services for both public and private sector representatives under the AZCLOUD brand.

"Value-Added Services" have been launched as part of AZCLOUD’s Co-location service. With the help of "Value-Added Services" clients are provided with remote hands, smart hands, warehouse, rack notification services and the ability to control the network. Taking advantage of the new "Value-Added Services", you can keep your IT infrastructure in fully serviceable condition and maintained by saving time and human resources.

When using "Value-Added Services", AzInTelecom’s Service Operations Center fulfils clients’ requests 24/7, provides support for remote, flexible and reliable management of servers and equipment.

The "Value-Added Services" provided by AZCLOUD have advantages, such as on-site support, security and reliability. In the event of any problem with the clients’ inventory, the technical team provides uninterrupted service and informs the client in connection with any cabinet operations. Service level of the newly launched "Value-Added Services" is 99.982% with a break of only 1.6 hours per year.

Thanks to the Co-location service provided by AZCLOUD, the client’s equipment has access to permanent cooling systems, security and communication channels. When using this service, clients’ infrastructure is provided with a high level of maintenance in a sustainable environment. The servers located in AzInTelecom data center are monitored on an ongoing basis.

It should be noted that "AzInTelecom" LLC under AZCLOUD brand provides organizations operating in the field of information technology, finance, media, food, tourism, education, oil and gas, transport, utilities and other areas with Cloud infrastructure, Colocation, AZCLOUD Drive, Archiving, Backup, Microsoft products, Video conferencing and Virtual IP Telephony services.