TIER 3 certificate received for backup Data Center built in Yevlakh
07 Oct, 2019

AzInTelecom LLC, specializing in data protection, enhancing reliable and high quality Azcloud cloud services portfolio, has already received the TIER 3 design certificate of the Uptime Institute of the United States of America for the backup Data Center, the construction of which is currently ongoing in Yevlakh. The commissioning of the Data Center is planned for the first quarter of 2020.

The Data Center with a total area of 1400 sq.m. consists of alternative energy supply, fire extinguishing systems, physical protection, backup water and fuel tanks, and high-security systems that provide high-energy resources. This, in turn, guarantees a 99.982% increase in quality. Besides that, it was possible to create a completely environmentally friendly data center due to the optimization of energy use, energy management and power distribution equipment.

The portable nature of the Data Center also increases the reliability of data storage containers, which can be safely transported to a more secure area in emergency situations.

In addition, the Data Center will have ISO / IEC 20000 standard, which will enable to demonstrate excellence in IT management and apply the most effective techniques. As a result, customers can be fully convinced of the proper process management and continuous improvement.  By following the high quality and business objectives, the ISO / IEC 20000 certification, which allows for integration of processes and increasing productivity, creates a culture of continuous improvement that leads to the improvement of quality of IT services. Most importantly, a structural approach to service management ensures customer confidence.

As one of AzInTelecom’s certifications, the presence of the ISO / IEC 27001 standard is a clear proof of effective information security management. ISO / IEC 27001 is the standard designed for the development of the company’s information security management system. ISO / IEC 27001 standard which consists of transparency of the company’s information system, identifying key threats to business process security, and developing recommendations for protection against threats and shortcomings in the security and management systems enhances the company’s competitiveness and information risk management.

At the same time, work is underway to obtain PCI DSS and TIER 3 Facility certificates. The key feature of the TIER 3 certification is the reservation of active equipment based on the N + 1 principle of cooling pipelines, communication channels in the building and each of the electrical installations on the 1 + 1 principle. As a result of backup, during repair or failure of any system Data Center built on TIER 3 will continue to operate continuously. The PCI DSS standard is a set of requirements for the security of information about card holders that are transferred, stored and processed in the organization’s information infrastructure, which applies to all organizations and agencies dealing with international transactions. Taking appropriate measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of the standard involves a comprehensive approach to information security.

In addition to data protection through backup Data Center of AzInTelecom LLC, geographical backup of station systems that provide international telephone calls between Azerbaijan and the world through container-type infrastructure in Yevlakh is also provided.

It should be noted that reservation of information owned by the Ministry of Justice will be carried out by the said Data Center within the framework of the “Progressive justice services and modern judicial infrastructure” project implemented by the Ministry of Justice.