AzInTelecom LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies, is going to hold the Hackathon (Contest) as a part of the international “Innovations week” to be conducted in Azerbaijan for the first time on October 26-30. The Contest entitled “Hackathon-AzIn 2018” is intended to be held with organization of AzInTelecom and support of the Hi-Tech Park on October 29-30.

AzInTelecom, which offers the Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) to its customers within the Data Center, as one of the main strategic goals of 2019, envisages adding the Software as a service (SAAS) to the list of services provided by the company. The Hackathon is namely aimed at searching for talents that can create such type of solutions. The first stage of the Contest, which consists of three stages, will be launched on 29 October, when AzInTelecom gives the relevant tasks to the participants regarding the subject. In the second stage of the competition, the participants will work on the programming and presentation of the task, and on October 30, the performance of the task will be evaluated and the winners will be selected.

The Hackathon is teamwork of the people of common thoughts to encode their innovative ideas. During this contest, the participants come together to identify and present a new solution on the assigned task within 24-48-hours.

Also a participation in this competition is an opportunity for many professionals to introduce themselves, present their projects, as well as for investors and companies to involve talented young people to their teams. Those wishing to join may apply for registration at

The participants who win in this competition of the programmers over two consecutive days will be awarded by AzInTelecom. The winner of the first prize will be awarded 5,000 AZN, the second place will be awarded 3,000 AZN, and the winner of the third place will receive a money prize of 1,000 AZN.

The criteria such as logic, design, functionality and innovation will be taken into consideration in the evaluation of the offered solutions.