Use SIMA to benefit from the services offered by banks and non-bank financial institutions on the platform!
15 May, 2023

The process of integrating SIMA, a new generation cloud-based digital signature developed by AzInTelecom LLC under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, into partner organizations' systems continues.

SIMA, a new generation digital signature has partnered with financial platform Now, after being verified by a single platform SIMA on the website of the financial supermarket '', citizens will be able to learn the conditions of obtaining credit products and credit and debit cards of banks operating in Azerbaijan. After reviewing the comparison of products and services, users can use SIMA to apply to the bank for the product and service of their choice.

After being verified by SIMA, citizens will receive information on the status of applications sent to banks and non-bank credit institutions in an electronic cabinet created on the '' platform. It should be noted that Azerbaijan's first financial supermarket,, has been in operation since 2008.

SIMA, a new generation digital signature has a number of advantages for citizens and service providers alike. There are particular benefits for both segments in reducing financial costs and avoiding wasted time. In addition, the SIMA can be integrated into any system and can be automated, allowing users to sign documents quickly and in any quantity.

To obtain a free digital signature, citizens simply need to download the SIMA mobile application to their device and register once. The signature is expected to speed up business processes in our country by making digital services more accessible.

For more information on digital signature SIMA please contact AzInTelecom Call Centre at 157.