Data Processing Center and AzInTelecom have been merged
30 Dec, 2021

Data Processing Center (DPC), which operates under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MDDT), has been merged with another body of the ministry, AzInTelecom LLC.

According to the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated April 27, 2021, the MDDT is entrusted with the organization, coordination and implementation of activities in the field of digital transformation in our country. In order to implement the decree, work has begun to improve corporate governance and mechanisms for the use of state property in the institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to streamline the activities of these institutions.

Along with the Decree on Improving Management in the Field of Digital Transformation, the Decree on Measures to Create a Government Cloud and Provide Cloud Services also called for the merger of the two institutions, as well as the reorganization of AzInTelecom. The merger will enable the optimization of infrastructure work in the Data Center, the formation of state information systems and resources in cloud service models based on cloud technology, the centralization of technical staff for the organization of e-services, optimization of costs and a single revenue control mechanism.

Thanks to the reorganization of AzInTelecom, the innovations in the Data Center will allow for the success of initiatives such as Big Data, as well as the rapid implementation of the concept of "Smart City" and "Smart Village".

The new approach also facilitates the development of digital signature certificates. The electronic signature concept, which combines biometric authentication and cloud technologies, will provide citizens with an faster and more accessible digital signature service.

It should be noted that the merger will open the horizons for the formation of new businesses, allowing the integration of technological systems, as well as services and products. The integration of NCC, which has a rich ICT tradition, into AzInTelecom, which has a leading digital infrastructure, will promote the effective implementation of transformation processes, as well as help Azerbaijan become a center of innovation in the region and the development of the digital economy.