SİMA - New generation of digital signatures

With the SİMA app, it is possible to get for free a new generation digital signature in just a few minutes, without going anywhere, collecting documents and waiting in line. With SİMA, which is an updated signature, it is possible to sign documents in various service areas where electronic signature is applied.

The new generation digital signature SİMA provides access to e-government, finance (Bank and NBCI), insurance, GSM operators, home appliance sales centers, internet and TV providers, as well as services and products in all
areas where e-signatures are applied.

The SİMA digital signature also enables access to the portal, which provides any digital services integrated into the ASAN Login system.

By downloading the mobile application from the Play Market and Apple Store, scanning their ID card and confirming their identity on the basis of an application citizens get a new generation digital signature SİMA.

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