There were 1,005,737 attempts to connect to the network with blocked IMEI codes in Azerbaijan
17 May, 2024

"SİMA İmza" created by "AzInTelecom" LLC under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport continues intense fight against illegal registration of mobile devices brought to Azerbaijan.

The organization's Mobile Device Registration Office (MCQS) conducts a thorough investigation into IMEI codes that are suspected of copying by regular monitoring. IMEI codes that have been found to have copied are restricted to use by granting "clone" status.

Till nowadays, 19 155 IMEI codes have been blocked by the status of a "clone." Those IMEI codes have appeared on the network in the past three months with the identity of a subscriber belonging to 1 449 271  mobile numbers. An attempt to join the network 1 005 737 times with blocked IMEI codes has been cancelled by MCQS.

It should be noted that in accordance with the "Regulations on the Registration of Mobile Devices" approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, mobile devices imported from abroad must be registered within 30 days for use on the Azerbaijani telecommunications network. Unfortunately, in some cases, individuals (owners) who don’t want to pay the registration roster copy of the IMEI codes of previously registered devices are copied and sold to new devices.On the other hand, the buyer is completely unaware of the process and  later can face to certain challenges.

It is recommended to check the mandatory IMEI code when buying mobile devices to avoid encountering and cheating on such cases. This involves calling *#06# on the device's screen to learn the IMEI code and then switching to the" IMEI check " service by visiting the website. Learn the authenticity of the phone's IMEI code by entering the IMEI code on the visible screen and clicking the "Check" button.