Apply for a loan with SİMA İmza without providing any documents!
20 Nov, 2023

SİMA İmza, a new generation cloud-based digital signature created by operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport AzInTelecom LLC, continues to expand the circle of its partners among financial institutions.

The new partner of SİMA İmza digital signature is the online start-up "OnePoint", which fully automates credit processes.

As a result of the integration of SİMA İmza into OnePoint, people applying for credit will be able to transfer money directly to plastic card in a short period of time. There will be no need to provide any paper documents, since verification of information such as identity card, place of work, credit history and other information of citizens applying for a loan is possible using the SİMA İmza digital signature. Through scoring, an instant check will be conducted, and customers who receive a positive response will sign the documents with SİMA İmza and transfer the loan to their plastic card immediately.

It should be noted that with the new generation digital signature SİMA İmza, both citizens and organizations save money and time. SİMA İmza's ability to be integrated into any system, as well as automation, gives users the ability to sign quickly and in any number. It is expected that digital signature, which increases the availability of digital services, will speed up business processes in our country.

To obtain a digital signature, which is free of charge for citizens, it is enough to download the SİMA İmza mobile application to the device and register.

You can get more detailed information about SİMA İmza digital signature from the official website and by contacting "157" Call Center.