Opening new bank accounts has become easier with SİMA
15 Aug, 2023

The change approved by the Decision of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated July 12, 2023, in the "Rules on opening, maintaining, and closing bank accounts," has enabled the further expansion of the scope of activity for SİMA - the new generation cloud-based digital signature developed by AzInTelecom LLC.

One of the main changes is related to the possibility of opening bank accounts remotely using an enhanced electronic signature. According to this change, citizens and private entrepreneurs have the opportunity to easily and quickly open a new account with SİMA in their bank. The customer no longer needs to go to the bank or verify his identity via video call to complete the relevant transaction.

Accordingly, individuals who have a SİMA digital signature can submit an online application to their bank to open an account, and in the end, they can immediately sign documents for approval with the same enhanced electronic signature SİMA.

In order for banks to implement this service based on biometric solutions, for increasing customer satisfaction, it is enough to integrate with SİMA - a new generation digital signature.

The implementation of services with SİMA next-generation digital signature creates a number of benefits for both citizens and service providers, such as reduced financial costs and preventing time loss. In addition, the ability to integrate SİMA into any system, as well as automation, allows users to sign documents quickly and in any quantity.

To obtain a digital signature it is enough to download the SİMA mobile application to the device and register once. The signature, which increases accessibility to digital services, is expected to speed up business processes in our country.

You can get more detailed information about SİMA digital signature from the official website and by contacting "157" Call Center.