Entrepreneurs will carry out financial transactions in Yelo mobile application with SİMA
21 Jun, 2023

SİMA, a new generation digital signature solution for entrepreneurs, created by AzInTelecom LLC operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, has completed integration with its first commercial partner.

Yelo Bank was the first financial institution to increase the availability of services and products in the banking sector through the SİMA solution for entrepreneurs. Digital signature has been integrated into the bank's Yelo mobile application. Individual entrepreneurs will now be able to confirm their identity while registering in the Yelo application with SİMA without going to the bank's branches. With this, customers will have convenient access to the bank's services and products intended for entrepreneurs by registering in the Yelo application at any time, from any place.

At present, the integration works of other services between Yelo Bank and SİMA are also rapidly progressing. In the near future, entrepreneurs will be able to instantly open a bank account online through the Yelo application using SİMA. Additionally, Yelo Bank customers will have the capability to sign loan documents electronically with SİMA. With the launch of these two services planned for the next stage, entrepreneurs will no longer need to go to service centers, wait in queues, or sign paper documents.

Entrepreneurs who approve transactions on the account within the Yelo mobile application are planned to make tax and budget payments, intra-bank and intra-country currency exchanges with SİMA, a new generation digital signature.

Citizens who register in the SİMA mobile application and obtain a digital signature will subsequently receive an entrepreneur signature certificate by entering their TIN. Entrepreneurs can access digital government services on 37 portals through the "Electronic Government" (e-gov.az) system with SİMA digital signature. Additionally, entering the "ASAN Login" Single Sign-On System grants them access to use the "Customs Declaration" and "Access to personal account e-sheet" on the "E-customs" portal. Furthermore, they can utilize the “Adding labor notices” function within the Labor Relations and Employment subsystem, as well as avail the 'Send applications for permits and licenses' services on the Licenses and Permits portal. Currently, technical work is ongoing to integrate the SİMA digital signature solution for entrepreneurs into the electronic systems and portals of other government agencies.

You can get more detailed information about SİMA digital signature from the sima.az official website and by contacting "157"  AzInTelecom LLC Call Center.