"AzDoc" electronic document management is  a piece software that enables conducting electronic document management in all structural divisions of enterprises and organizations.


  • Maintaining records of incoming and outgoing documents;
  •  Forwarding documents with instructions;
  •  Control over the execution of documents;
  • Signing documents with electronic signature;
  •  Recognition of documents through QR code.


  • Saving on office suppliers
  • Optimization of clerical process;
  •  Reduction of time spent searching for documents;
  •  Providing security of work with documents;
  • Full compliance with clerical instructions
  •  Obtaining reports and statistical data
  • Compliance with  the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Electronic Signature and Electronic Document.


  • Efficiency of work increases by 25% ;
  • Opportunity to save  time 20% ;
  • Losses on creation and processing of documents reduces by 75%;
  • Document storage costs reduces by 80%.