Azintelecom provides cybersecurity services for public and private entities
24 Jun, 2022

In recent years, the field of information technology has been rapidly developing, day-by-day, and even every new hour various technological equipment and solutions are being developed and presented to the public. These innovations, along with modern capabilities, bring along with them new risks. Both due to gaps in information systems and due to cyber attacks, the IT infrastructure of enterprises is damaged, protected confidential data is seized. These factors are a source of threat to structures with different information systems, both around the world and in Azerbaijan.

One of the information security services offered by AzInTelecom LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, to protect government agencies and private enterprises from these risks, is the Cybersecurity Service.

This package includes services in several different directions.

One area of ​ ​ the proposed Cybersecurity Service is security tests - simulation of cyber attacks.

Within the framework of this service, the identified gaps are exploited with real cyber attack scenarios, including OSINT - open source intelligence and vulnerability checking.

In accordance with the procedure mutually agreed with the client, a cyber attack is carried out, the target infrastructure and the possibility of using system vulnerabilities are checked. As a result, the client is informed of the identified vulnerabilities, the type and likelihood of success of a cyber attack against them, potential risks, and recommendations are given.

In the course of the incident investigation service, an analysis of the main cause of cyber incidents that has already occurred in and caused damage to the client's infrastructure is carried out. The range of impact is determined, recommendations are given to prevent it from happening in the future.

AzInTelecom LLC also offers its customers who benefot from this service to check logs and to back up copies of such systems with special means.

We should note that according to the calculations of the international US technology company IBM (International Business Machines), it takes 197 days to identify the leak, and up to 69 days to eliminate it. At the same time, companies that found the leak in less than 30 days save more than $1 million.

Belated response to incidents can cause loss of customer confidence in your company, massive performance degradation, or heavy fines.

The main goal of the implementation of audit and consulting services for Cybersecurity and Information Security offered by AzInTelecom LLC is to achieve effective management of the development of business policies, instructions and procedures. The use of such services is an indicator of the responsibility of enterprises working with data vulnerable to cyber attacks.