Unique solution from Technest to facilitate the feeding of stray animals - ANIMAX
23 Jun, 2022

As part of the Technest scholarship program announced by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport (MDDT), students of the Code and More education project have developed ANIMAX project to help stray animals with the support of AzInTelecom LLC.

The aim is to increase attention to stray animals, provide them with food and facilitate people's work in this direction.

The project consists of a mobile application and specially designed feed containers. The user who downloads the mobile application easily selects the location of the installed device on the map and orders the feed, and the device accepts the order and fills the container for animals with food.

Thus, with the help of the project, people can easily take care of stray animals and provide them with food.

Animal feeding facilities will be installed in different parts of Baku.

Code and More students used a controller device, sensors, a server, a mobile application and a web interface to create ANIMAX.

The project is expected to be completed in March.

It should be noted that the purpose of the "Technest" scholarship program announced by RINN is to accelerate the training of personnel in information technology in our country, to eliminate the existing shortcomings in this area and to contribute to digital development in the country. In addition to Code and More, the program provides training in other areas such as cloud solutions, cloud administration, big data, cybersecurity, automation, electronics, various programming languages, UI / UX design.

In March, Technest will announce the admission of students in automation and electronics to the Code and More educational project.