The last day of the "SMART Karabakh" hackathon is over. The yoga class, which started in the morning, eased the tension of the team members, which lasted for two days. After breakfast, participants made their final touches on the smart solutions they prepared.

Minister of Digital Development and Transport Rashad Nabiyev visited the area where the hackathon was held during the completion of the projects, got acquainted with the prototypes of smart solutions developed by the teams and took a close interest in the projects. At the end of the meeting, a memorial photo was taken with the participants and volunteers.

At 11:00, Hackathon was stopped.

Team members moved away from the smart equipment they had prepared. Prototypes of major inventions created for application in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan began to be presented to the jury. In these areas, projects have been developed for smart solutions for agricultural development, demining, smart parking and other areas.

According to the results of yesterday's lottery, the teams explained in this sequence how smart solutions work and what their advantages are.  The created hardware or software demonstrated its work and showed what it can do.

After lunch, the presentation process continued after a short general break for the participants. Opinions on the product created by each team were announced by the Jury.

The evaluation stage of the projects in Hackathon has been completed and the juries have already selected the winners of the competition.

Tomorrow, the winners of the SMART Karabakh Hackathon and the smart solutions they have created will receive their awards.