22 Jun, 2022

"AzInTelecom" LLC operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, has developed a new generation of cloud-based digital signatures under the name SIMA under a public-private partnership with "SVORT" and "Sinam".

In this regard, a preliminary presentation of the initial version of the new signature was held on February 11 with the participation of officials, partner companies, the media and the public. The advantages of the new generation of cloud-based digital signatures, as well as the technologies used in the creation of signatures were widely reported. SIMA's business solutions, as well as brand carriers were presented to the participants.

Rashad Bayramov, Adviser to the Minister of Digital Development and Transport, in his speech, referring to the projects implemented in our country in connection with the digital transformation, said that SIMA is part of the work done. He noted that e-government services through the new signature, as well as banking, non-banking financial institutions (NBFI), insurance, mobile operators, electronics, household, TV and Internet providers, in short, services in all areas where e-signatures are applied, as well as products will be available. Rashad Bayramov said the new product will accelerate the digital transformation in Azerbaijan and promote the use of online services.

Elkhan Azizov, acting chairman of the board of "AzInTelecom" LLC, said that SIMA, which will soon be available to citizens, will be accessible to everyone. Elkhan Azizov said that it is enough to download SIMA, which works through the mobile application, to a mobile device and register once. Touching upon the innovation of the product, the head of the organization added that SIMA covers all branches of the digital transformation - government, population and business.

Partner companies - Kamal Aliyev, Business Development Advisor to SVORT, and Elchin Aliyev, President of Sinam, spoke about the effectiveness of public-private partnerships. It was noted that participation in the project will give private companies a great experience in creating digital signatures, and will continue to work with AzInTelecom for the development of SIMA.

Then Ruslan Aliyev, Commercial Director of AzInTelecom, gave detailed information about the new product. Ruslan Aliyev noted that SIMA is based on biometric authentication, which combines access, "public key" and cloud technologies. Thus, the identity card scanned by the user with the mobile application is tested to see if it belongs to that person. The test operation is performed live on the mobile device via the webcam. If the information on the ID card belongs to that person, the user is provided with a signature certificate, otherwise the request is rejected.

It was noted that SIMA has a number of advantages for both citizens and service providers. These include reducing financial costs and preventing the loss of time and documents. The ability of SIMA to be integrated into any system, as well as the ability to automate, allows users to quickly and any number of signatures.

During the event, the procedure for obtaining a new generation digital signature was demonstrated live.