Azintelecom's accessibility zone in Yevlakh starts Commercial Activity.
22 Jun, 2022

The Accessibility Zone of AzInTelecom LLC has been put into operation in Yevlakh.

The Accessibility Zone of AzInTelecom LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, located in Yevlakh, has been put into operation and is starting commercial operations.

The Accessibility zones are an isolated infrastructure that encompasses various data centers where cloud services are provided. With this infrastructure, businesses can benefit from end-user proximity, replication, delay, or data protection services in accordance with their interests. The Accessibility Zone built by AzInTelecom LLC in Yevlakh as the company's data center in Baku have the Tier III International Compliance certificate, ISO 22301 certificate for Business Sustainability Management System, ISO 20000 certificate for IT Services Provision and Management and ISO 27001 certificate for Information Security.

The entire critical infrastructure of the Yevlakh Accessibility Zone, which covers a total construction area of 1,400 square meters, was built on the "1 + 1" principle. The container-type infrastructure is equipped with alternative energy supply, firefighting systems, physical protection, reserve water and fuel tanks, and high-level protection systems that provide energy sources. The main advantage of the mobile design of the zone is its portability. This allows emergency storage containers to be transported to a more secure area in a physically safe manner.

All services of the Baku Data Center will be provided in the Yevlakh Accessibility Zone and can be used as both a main and a backup data center, depending on the needs of businesses.

The Accessibility Zone will act as a backup data center not only for current customers, but also for customers who have not migrated their information systems to AZCLOUD.

It will provide cloud services, business solutions, centralized information systems and international voice traffic services. At the same time, during emergencies, customers will be provided with the service "DRaaS" (protection of data migrated to the cloud system during emergencies) to ensure the uninterrupted operation of information systems. In this way, businesses will be able to more flexibly avoid the effects of natural disasters and various anthropogenic incidents and demonstrate greater resilience. DRaaS service users will be able to use their information infrastructure in 2 different geographical locations in the same real-time mode as active-passive or active-active status. In addition, the solutions to be implemented through the DRaaS service will help businesses create value in line with current market conditions by reducing costs and making more efficient use of internal resources.

At present, the geographical reservation of IMS-type station systems, which provide international telephone exchanges between Azerbaijan and all countries of the world through the Yevlakh Accessibility Zone, is also carried out.

Supporting the Accessibility Zone through quality infrastructure and professionals will allow customers to further increase the efficiency of information technology and save a lot of money on financial costs.

It should be noted that AZCLOUD in the South Caucasus region, including Azerbaijan is the first and largest accessible zone with the Tier III compliance certificate, ISO 22301 certificate on business sustainability management system, ISO 20000 certificate on IT services delivery and management and ISO 27001 certificate on information security.

Thus, AZCLOUD provides large-scale, as well as diversified cloud services to government agencies and the private sector. These services include Cloud Infrastructure, Deployment, AZCLOUD Drive, Archiving, Backup, Microsoft products, Oracle products and Virtual IP Telephony.