AZINTELECOM's 157 Call Center has switched to 7-day operation.
22 Jun, 2022

Due to the growing interest in the products and services provided by "AzInTelecom" LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, the number of applications from citizens is also increasing.

Along with the steady increase in the number of partners of the new generation digital signature SIMA, which the company recently presented to the public, there is a positive dynamics in the number of users. A few days ago, the number of service operators at the Customer Service Center was increased in order to achieve perfection in citizen satisfaction.

Currently, as a continuation of these improvement measures and in order to fulfill the requirements specified in the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on "Rules for organizing the activities of call centers in government agencies", AzInTelecom LLC's "157" Call Center has switched to 7-day operation.

From now on, citizens can get information about the services and products of "AzInTelecom" LLC by contacting the "157" Call Center every day, including Saturdays and Sundays.

The next steps are planned in the near future to expand the service capabilities of the Call Center.

It should be noted that the staff of the "157" Call Center informs citizens about the new generation digital signature SIMA, Mobile Device Registration System, SmartPay payment system and AzDataCom internet services.