AZINTELECOM has expanded its customer service capabilities with Sima Token
22 Jun, 2022

Customer Services of AzInTelecom LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport (MDDT), has been improved In order to meet the growing demand for electronic signatures related to digital transformation. The number of service operators in the Customer Service located in the central "Network" office has been increased and technical capabilities have been strengthened.

Thanks to the improvement work carried out to increase citizen satisfaction, it will be possible to speed up the process of issuing "SIMA Token", as well as provide more efficient and quality services. From now on, the Customer Service will provide services to citizens, entrepreneurs and legal entities, as well as government agencies.

It should be noted that SIMA Token is part of the SIMA digital signature platform created by AzInTelecom LLC on the basis of "Electronic Signature". So far, the functionality of the signature certificate presented under the name "Electronic signature" has not changed. You can have a SIMA Token within the terms and conditions of the e-signature.

Citizens, legal entities, as well as entrepreneurs and government agencies can get the SIMA Token, which can be used in all areas where a signature is required. There is also an opportunity to apply online to eliminate the loss of time during the receipt of the signature certificate, which is ready within 3 working days. Thus, you can apply with the necessary documents through Once the signature is ready, you need to go to the Customer Service in the "Network" office in Baku, and in the regions to the nearest post office.

In addition, in case of loss, theft, technical damage of the signature certificate and so on, it is necessary to apply to the mentioned addresses.

It should be noted that AzInTelecom Customer Services is located in the "Network" office No. 1 at 72 Uzeyir Hajibeyli street, Baku. Customer Services is open every day of the week, as well as on holidays from 09:00 to 18:00.

It should be noted that you can also call the "157" Call Center in connection with the difficulties and questions in relation with the "SIMA Token".