Memorandum of understanding was signed between "AZINTELECOM" LLC and two Korean companies
21 Jun, 2022

A memorandum of understanding was signed between "AzInTelecom" LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, GEOMEX LLC of the Republic of Korea and the "Spatial Data Industry Promotion Agency".

According to the memorandum, the General Plan of Baku is being prepared within the "Smart City" project of the "K-City Network 2020" program. Through this project, it is planned to introduce Korean-style "smart city" solutions in Baku.

It should be noted that "K-City Network 2020" is a global cooperation program that offers comprehensive support for the identification and development of the Korean-style "Smart City" project. The Republic of Korea has launched the "K-City Network" program in 2020 to develop G2G (Government-to-Government) cooperation on "Smart City" projects.