“AzInTelecom” organised trainings for media representatives on cloud technologies.
21 Sep, 2021

    AzInTelecom LLC, under the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and High Technologies, has arranged a "Head in the clouds" intensive training for media professionals.

    The main objective of the training is to improve the IT skills of media representatives, familiarize them with cloud technologies, and make it easier for journalists to prepare materials on this topic. Participants learned about “Azcloud”, Azerbaijan's first cloud technology company, which offers services through “AzInTelecom” data centers, as well as the most frequently asked questions about cloud solutions.

    Ruslan Aliyev, commercial director of “AzInTelecom” and Farrukh Farajullayev, a cloud product expert, discussed the theory of cloud technologies, their operating principles, and the prospects and advantages they provide.

    Then the questions of the media were answered by the speakers.

    The speakers indicated that in any cloud environment, there is a log-file with a list of data monitoring operations, in response to a question about the extent of data confidentiality.

    When asked whether Azcloud will operate in the B2C sector in the future by media representatives, Ruslan Aliyev stated that currently the company's objective is to assist public and private businesses. The launch of cloud solutions for the general public may be discussed in the future, depending on market demand.

    We should note that the representatives of leading Azerbaijani media participated in the event.

    “AzInTelecom” has always prioritized educational events aimed at raising public awareness of modern technology, and it intends to continue doing so in the future.

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