Azcloud cloud services continue to run ahead of coronavirus pandemic
22 Apr, 2020

Everyone knows that in recent weeks, in connection with the global epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), the world is rapidly digitizing. The introduction of a special quarantine regime in Azerbaijan led to the transfer of companies and educational institutions to work and study online.

In such situations, objects whose activities are important, experience difficulties, although there are positive aspects: there is a need for the rapid development of the IT sector, the preference is given to the use of cloud services. In recent days, the demand for using the cloud in both the public and private sectors has grown many times.

It is gratifying that during this period, the function of Azcloud cloud services operating on the basis on the AzInTelecom data center, which operates under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, is provided 24 hours a day, and the data center is under strict control during the special regime.

The first data center in the entire South Caucasus, certified to ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 standards, with a reliability level of 99.982% and meeting the TIER III standard, is fully operational in the current period.

Currently, employees are divided into two groups: those who continue to work at home, and those who provide technical support at the workplace, on duty. In the data centre (where hygiene standards are strictly followed even in usual times), a special shift schedule was developed to reduce the risk of infection of technical staff to a minimum. After the body temperature checking, employees start working in a special uniform, not interfering with the previous shift, and after every change, the room is disinfected.

Thanks to experts in the field of telecommunications, every citizen, regardless of age, freely engages in education and work, and the strategic sectors of the country's economy continue to function properly.