2nd International Cyber Security Week to be held in Azerbaijan
21 Feb, 2020

The 2nd International Cyber Security Week will be held in Azerbaijan on March 2- 6, 2020.

At a press conference that took place today,  detailed information was provided  on the events to be held as part of  Cyber Security Week.

The Cybersecurity Week, which the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies has been organizing for the second year, is aimed at improving the effectiveness of related activities and raising awareness in the field of cybersecurity.

Within the framework of the Cyber ​​Security Week, it is planned to organize eight events dedicated to various areas of cybersecurity.

The first event Cyber Security Conference will be held on March 2. The event  will be organized by the  Electronic Security Service  under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies in partnership with  Microsoft, IS3S, Prosol and Kaspersky. Presentations and reports of local and international companies on new cyber security solutions  will be heard, taking into account the up-to-date trends and challenges.The event will play an invaluable platform for Q&A sessions, as well as unilateral and multilateral discussions in order to expand opportunities for cooperation.

In parallel with the conference, there will also be organized an exhibition Cyber village, where cyber security solutions will be showcased.

On March 3, a Safe Government Cloud event will take place. The event will provide information on the work done, products, services and future plans for the implementation of the Government Cloud project to be organized by AzInTelecom LLC. Information will also be given on the ongoing reforms in this area, the ways how to protect the  formed electronic resources of government agencies, business entities, organizations and individuals and existing cyber threats.It is also expected to share knowledge and skills in strengthening the national cybersecurity system. The event will also feature presentations on the data reservation service of the cloud provider AZCLOUD, secure cloud services, and data loss prevention.

The next event, which will be held on March 3, will be Pentesting, a prestigious workshop for cyber security specialists working in the public and banking sectors. The workshop will be jointly organized by the ICT Applying and Training Center (ICT LAB) of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and company IS3S. It will be conducted by a famous Russian specialist and researcher in cybersecurity Yuri Gurkin, who will present the types, methods and technological solutions of the pentest.

On March 4, the Youth Internet Governance Forum on Cyber Security will be organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The event will discuss various ways of using the Internet with the purpose of achieving more efficient, effective regional economic development and cultural progress.

On March 4, competition Hackathon (Capture the Flag) will be launched on as part of Cyber Security Week. It will be organized by the Electronic Security Service in partnership with the Innovation Agency. The proposal was made for the participating teams to solve the tasks on such topics as using of vulnerabilities in web applications, using of cryptography and binary application gaps and reverse engineering.

On March 5, the event entitled “Digital law: Protection of Personal Data ”  will be held.It will be organized  by the Electronic Security Service in partnership with Prosol, E&Y and licensed companies.

Local and international companies will make presentations and reports related to the European experience in the field of personal data protection in the digital era, based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

In addition, information will be provided on the current situation and the reforms implemented in Azerbaijan.

On March 5, the International Certification Training on Cyber Security will also be held.The event will be organized by the Azerbaijan Standardization Institute and the ICT Applying  and Training Center. Within a week-long training, local specialists will be trained according to ISO / IEC 27001 – Information Security Management Systems – the requirements and application methods  of the adopted international standards  and  be taught how to use them.

On March 6, the Hackathon competition award ceremony will be held. The winners of the first, second and third places will receive 4,000 AZN, 2,000 AZN and  1,000 AZN, respectively. Thus, the Cyber Security Week will end.