AzInTelecom presented its new products at BakuTel exhibition
07 Dec, 2018

The 24th BakuTel-2018 international telecommunication exhibition started in Baku on December 4. AzInTelecom LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies, is presenting the innovations it brought to Azerbaijan’s ICT market and its future products.

At the exhibition held at Baku Expo Center, AzInTelecom, represented by a separate stand, carried out the live demonstration and test of the new products offered within the SaaS Year (software as a service), that declared the year of 2019 for AzInTelecom, also answered the questions from visitors. Also, AzInTelecom gave the information on the Microsoft products offered over the Data Center within the cooperation with Microsoft. Through these products, during use of virtual environment in the Data Center the customers will be able to benefit from the licensed Microsoft Windows Server operating system, SQL Server for database management, and Exchange Server software for mail management.

In addition, the participants were informed in detail on the platform of self-service, which will be put into operation in mid-next year in accordance with the single window model, to make maximum convenience of use of the products provided by AzInTelecom. This platform will play a positive role in the digitalization of business processes for small and medium-sized businesses. During the exhibition, AzInTelecom also presented complex security solutions for the protection of end-use points and servers.

One of the services planned to be presented next year – virtual IP telephony services, complying with modern requirements were also met with particular interest by visitors. In order to increase the reliability of the services provided by the Data Center, as a continuation of the Backup Service, the construction of the Reserve Data Center is being continued in Yevlakh which will be put in operation in the II quarter of next year with the view of geographical redundancy of international voice traffic and data stored in the Main Data Center. The Reserve Data Center, that will be located in Yevlakh, is also intended to provide disaster recovery services for the Azerbaijani market.

It was emphasized the necessity of application of cloud technologies in order to provide easy integration and secure information exchange between the state information systems, operation ofloud services in the centralized data center infrastructure, optimization the expenses arisen for creation and maintenance of the state information systems, transition to digital government, storage of data in the country removing dependency on the foreign data centers. In this regard, in order to ensure the execution of Sub-clause 2.4.5 of the Action Plan of the “Strategic Road Map on Development of Telecommunication and Information Technologies in the Republic of Azerbaijan” approved by the Decree No.1138 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 6, 2016, the works of the related to the “Government Cloud” project are continued.

This year AzInTelecom has organized “AzInTelecom Hackathon-2018” Contest to support the young people in the implementation of the exciting and innovative projects. As a continuation of this project, AzInTelecom will hold the next “AzInTelecom Hackathon-2019” Contest in 2019. To realize your projects and get more detailed information about “AzInTelecom Hackathon-2019” visit