«AzInTelecom» signed Agreement on Cooperation with “Bakı Abadlıq Xidməti”.
15 May, 2017

AzInTelecom LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan starts cooperation with " Bakı Abadlıq Xidməti " LLC.

Regional Data Center with international certificates TIER III and ISO 20000 is providing "Infrastructure Service" (IaaS) solutions based on cloud technologies (virtual network, virtual storage, virtual infrastructure, backup, etc.). IaaS services based upon the principles of budget costs optimization and automatization of management encourages most of local and foreign companies to benefit from opportunities of the Regional Data Centre.

Another example of the advantages of IaaS solutions is the fact that "Bakı Abadlıq Xidməti ", which applys modern technologies and business principles, has also stored its data in the Regional Data Center of AzInTelecom.

According to the agreement signed between the parties, " Bakı Abadlıq Xidməti " LLC will get a reliable infrastructure without any need to spend on purchasing, installation and maintenance of technical equipment and software.

The " Bakı Abadlıq Xidməti " offers complex solutions for building, refurbishing, landscaping and maintenance of the project, from the preparation of the project to the ready-to-use facility, by providing consultancy and using three-dimensional computer programs.